Calm Mamma Yoga Workshop

Book the babysitter ladies – It’s time for SELF CARE!

This is something I’ve been thinking about for along time and feel I’m being guided now to do it! I’m so excited to announce I will be hosting a series of monthly Women’s Yoga Workshops – the first in the series being my CALM MAMMA YOGA WORKSHOP! 💜💜💜 Its not just about the bumps, or babies, these yoga workshops are about YOU.

These Women’s Circle yoga workshops will be designed for Mothers- joining together to support one another, and share a sacred space connecting to the feminine. Whether it’s a space to deepen your yoga practice or a place to connect with the divine energy of the women around you, including the yourself, the women in the circle and the Earth herself, this is for you.

The ancient ritual of women gathering together offers us the time and space to tune into our deep and wise Self, and connect with others and feel supported.

“The circle of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we are strong.”

— Sark

This Yoga Workshop is for You

It will be two hours of blissful peace and self-care in a supportive nurturing environment, through Yoga Flow for women, breathing practices, aromatherapy, womb yoga and guided deep relaxation – with blankets not babies! 
Whether you’ve given birth recently, you’re back in work after maternity leave or your kids are in school this yoga workshop is for you. You will leave feeling a renewed sense of self connection with the deep wisdom within you.

It takes a Village

Held monthly, these circles create a space for you to connect, share and be part of a tribe of supportive women. Motherhood can be lonely. I am passionate about bringing the village back to pregnant and postnatal women. I cried when I heard the phrase ‘over worked and under appreciated ‘ because it was how I was feeling. So if you feel a gentle nudge that you would benefit from joining us please do. My hope is to nourish you with some much needed and well deserved calm R’n’R, and for you to find your tribe and feel the support of the village around you.

When are the Yoga Workshops held?

  • January Calm Mamma Circle, Dublin:  NEW Thursday TBC 7.45pm  – 9.30pm
  • January Calm Mamma Circle, Carlow : NEW Thursday TBC 7pm – 9pm

Where are the Yoga Workshops held?

  • Iona Centre, Knocklyon, Dublin 16
  • The Wellwood Centre, Wells, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow Post code: R21 N624

What to bring

  • Yoga Mat
  • Blanket
  • Water


Tickets for our Women’s Circle  €30.00

Booking Deposit €15.00 and balance in class

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There are limited spaces available in each circle so bookings are essential. Please note Workshop dates booked are non-transferable

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Special Offer

Schedule time for yourself and nurture your Self with 4 gatherings from January- April
Book your place in our 4 Workshops €100.00 (SAVE €20.00)

What you Said

‘I just loved the circle. I loved the atmosphere you created with the candles etc and my jumper smelled of the incense the next day and brought it all back! The next day the circle actually felt like a dream to be honest. The sleep I got in the yoga nidra was the best sleep I’ve had in quite a while! As I said, I was first and didnt go deep as I wasnt sure how things would pan out. It was a privilege to hear the strong women talking about their experiences. In terms of yoga  I felt blood flow to places it hasn’t been in quite some time! I would love to come to the next one. Keep doing what you’re doing, its magic. Namaste, Aoife xx’

‘I really enjoyed the workshop, both of them. I think it’s wonderful that you are offering these, and supporting mothers new and old.
I really like the emphasis on connection to your body and the feminine energy etc. I think it’s very uplifting to share with each other in the circle and share that energy and collectively embrace and appreciate our womanhood and motherhood.
I think you are doing a great job providing people with a space to share and connect with each other and themselves. I enjoyed your pregnancy classes so much and missed them after the boys were born, so it’s super to have them back again (without the bumps). ‘ Una

” Lainey, thank you so much for last night, I really enjoyed and feel so good this morning! It was amazing to connect with a wonderful group of women and to feel so comfortable and relaxed ” Mairead

” Tonight was gorgeous, such a fab evening, feel like I’m on another planet! Loved it! Thank you. ” Georgina

” Thanks so much for a fabulous evening of yoga. Such a lovely group of ladies ”

” I honestly loved the calm mama workshop ,it was so nice to have my own headspace,  relax and listen to other peoples stories and know everyone is in a similar situation about how we feel .

I’ve never really thanked my body for the amazing job it has done so you really made me think and appreciate my body for the journey it has been on and thank it so thank you.

I am really looking forward to the next one ”

” I think it is so important as women to have the environment that you just create so naturally in our lives and I just hand on heart can’t explain how much I loved last night.
I felt so empowered, safe and calm after the class.
I haven’t actually laughed like that in ages I felt so much like my self as I think with the busy lives as mammies we lead you can forget who we are some times under all the daily tasks. Thanks so much “