Birth Story: Nicky and baby Devon

Hi Elaine

Our Easter bunny present arrived early!

My waters went last Wednesday 17th April at 5.50am – so surreal, I literally heard a POP sound. Stood up and got a “whoosh” everywhere.

After heading to the Coombe and into the Labour Ward, I managed to labour successfully until 11am on Gas and Air. But from the minute I arrived, I was vomiting violently and couldn’t concentrate on my contractions.
I eventually got the epidural after 11am at 5cm.

This slowed things down a little but at 6pm, we were ready to push. After a check, it was realised he was neither right way up nor back to back….. But ear face up, and ear down.
I was going to need assisted delivery to turn him. With the forceps, and unfortunately an Episiotomy, baby Devon was born with only 4pushes! I couldn’t believe he came so quick.

He arrived at 18.18 and I got a wonderful 1.5 hours skin to skin with him. He’s so calm, just like his Dad and we are besotted.

1 funny thing – with all that was going on in the day, I had no idea of any timings.
But after he was born, I glanced at the clock and it was 6.55pm. I turned to my Husband Graham and said, “Oh I’m missing my Yoga class now. We’d be starting soon!” He started to laugh out loud!!

I’m in pain but it was all worth it. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the girls in the class.

Sharing info was a huge help to me and I really feel like even though it didn’t go as I planned, my birthing experience was a positive one as I knew what to ask for and expect!

I hope to see you soon for baby massage.

All our love
Nicky and Devon

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