Birth Story: Melissa and baby Tadhg

Hi Lainey,

Thought I would take the opportunity to send you my birth story before I go for a nap 😂

Period pain like cramps started on Tuesday and came and went throughout Wednesday. Nothing on Thursday morning. I went to my routine antinatal app and was told baby was engaged.

By 4pm Thursday afternoon I started contractions. I spent the whole evening walking, rocking, bouncing, stretching and tried to get a bit of a nap in.

I called it at 5am and we headed to the hospital. I sat in the car for half an hour to make sure I was having regular contractions and was admitted just after 6am this morning.

Again, constant ‘Beyonce’ rocking got me going. My husband rubbed my back throughout contractions. I used gas and air, affirmations, the ‘1 minute’ guide you taught us in Pregnancy Yoga and knelt on the back of the bed to deliver little man.

Bub was born at 8:30am with no interventions and I was able to pull him out and up myself. He latched immediately.

My midwife was amazing. She guided me carefully through the last stage of pushing so I didn’t have any tears or anything.

It was incredible and such a different experience to my first who I pushed for 2 hours, had an episiotomy and vacuum. I didn’t do pregnancy yoga with my first and I think it made all the difference

The online pregnancy yoga classes were more than I could have hoped for

It was an incredible experience and I thank you for everything in yoga and all the advice from other mummas

Huge congratulations to Melissa and baby Tadhg from pregnancy yoga! Looking forward to catching up with you both really soon in Baby Massage classes!!

lainey Xx

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