Birth Story: Luciana and baby Benjamin

Hi Elaine! How are you?

So, last Wednesday supposed to be my last yoga class but it turned out that baby Benjamin decided to arrive a earlier than his due date!

My water broke on Monday @ 11:50pm. Because of the gestational diabetes I had to stay in the hospital until contractions started. It turned out that I didn’t have any contractions and @ 9:30pm on Tuesday I was induced.

However, contractions weren’t strong enough (they were pretty strong for me) and I didn’t dilated. Also, my cervix was high – after spending 6hours on the highest dose of oxytocin I was offered a c-section which I accepted

I was really tired and as I didn’t have any dilation I chose to go for the section. Baby Benjamin was born healthy and passed all his sugar tests. I had organise the delivery room as the best environment to delivery my baby.

Even though that didn’t happen all the knowledge I’ve got from you and yoga classes helped me to remain calm and be open minded.

Thank you very much for everything and hope to see you on baby massage class

Luciana and Benjamin


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