Birth Story: Lisa and baby’s Ollie’s speedy arrival

Hey Lainey,Well I won’t be making week 40 or yoga next week! Baby Ollie arrived this morning- Thursday at 4:06am! He weighed 7lbs2oz

Pregnancy Yoga Tallaght

Pregnancy Yoga Tallaght Lisa and Ollie

My waters started leaking at 10pm on Wednesday- literally 2 hours after the Pregnancy Yoga class!!

 I’d been having a lot of ‘period cramps’ on and off that day but they got stronger after class and my bump was tightening a lot. Waters leaked slowly on and off for an hour and Holles st said to come in to be checked. 

We arrived about 11 and had a trace and was examined and told the head still had a way to go to come down. I was using the TENS machine and was comfortable. We were brought to the ward where you go to before your ready to push (can’t remember the name!) I was walking and using the ball and my yoga breathing and getting on fine. Pain started to really intensify over the next 2-3hours and there was an emergency with another patient so I wasn’t examined for a while which started to panic me a little cause the pain was becoming unbearable and I felt a lot of pressure. Turns out I was 1-2cm I couldn’t believe it because I felt horrific and was sweating. I was brought to a labour room but found even walking there very hard. Was starting to panic thinking if this is 1-2 cm I’ll never cope and wanted an epidural. I had to be examined again though which was very painful and was 7cm but within minutes had extreme pressure and was screaming to push. He was on his way and after about 6 pushes he was out. 

I’m not exactly sure of all the timeframes but the midwife did say he had come extremely fast, I felt a bit better then because my dramatic panic made a bit more sense. There was no break between contractions and I did lose my calm totally by the end!I saw on my hospital summary sheet that I was admitted to the delivery ward at 3:50 and Ollie was born at 4:06 – this has made me feel a bit better about my dramatic meltdown! 😉 

My tip for the class would be to remain calm you can do it and you will even if things don’t go as you hoped. In the end everything was perfect and he was here safely. First day almost done and I’m feeding him well and even got him latched on twice by myself – go me!

Best of luck to all the class and massive thank you Lainey, I enjoyed every single class and learned so much from each one. 

You do a great job and I will miss the classes.

Lisa – Wednesday 7pm class!! 🙂


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