Birth Story: Lisa and baby Brady

Huge congratulations to Lisa on such a positive birth experience! It was great to have Lisa back in our Yoga Mammas classes and offer support as she prepared to meet her new baby!

Hi Elaine! With mixed emotions I’m messaging to let you know I won’t be at yoga tonight….baby Mongey made his arrival last Friday afternoon!

Im not sure if it was the acupuncture on Wednesday afternoon or all the squats you got us doing (probably the squats really) but my waters started trickling from early Thursday morning. Thankfully this time my body knew what to do and by Friday morning I was having surges.

Went to the hospital where I listened to my music and kept moving as much as I could as well as using the birthing stool. They were intending to put me on oxytocin as theee was meconium in the waters but thankfully my hard work paid off and within an hour of being assessed I was in active labor. Managed to walk to delivery ward at 1pm (a few short stops to work through surges which were coming hot and heavy at this stage!). Within that 15 minute window of moving from unit 3 to delivery, I went from 1 to 4 cm. Was happy to get some gas & air on board, up on the back of the bed and work through the surges.

By 2pm the midwives who were fabulous by the way and totally respected my wishes to birth my baby how I wanted, were already encouraging me to breath baby down. While I was likely already at 10cm by then, baby still had to move his way down a bit. The little monkey was facing the wrong was (didn’t know at the time) so unfortunately I did have to do some pretty active pushing to get him down and out. He rotated right at the last minute and entered the world at 3:38pm.

I am delighted with how the whole experience went that I got my wish of no medical inductions, only gas & air and TENs for pain relief and no interventions! Our bodies really are amazing.

So here’s my little man, Brady, weighing in at 8lb 11ozs! He’s a little dote and seems very placid. I firmly believe that the natural birth helps have them not so cross.

I’ve been working hard to try feed him myself but unfortunately he’s got a severe anterior tongue tie so it’s been hard. While I’d love to keep going, I can’t get the tongue released for 2 weeks and don’t think my mental well-being can continue with pumping, feeding and topping up. It’s like holding down 3 jobs when you’re trying to recover from an Ironman!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at massage and maybe even mum & baby yoga when we find our feet a little.

Thanks again for the support you provide through the prenatal yoga. I really enjoyed and got so much out of it.

See you soon Lisa X

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