Birth Story: Karen and baby Amy

Hi Elaine, 
So my beautiful daughter Amy arrived into the world on Tuesday  at 18.06 weighing 7.1. It all happened a little Un-expectantly, even though I was 4 days overdue. 
On Sunday ( 2 days over) I felt reduced movements and went to the coombe to get it checked out. All was fine thankfully and as I was getting up to go home, I felt a small trickle. The nurse said she would quickly check to see if it was the start of my waters. When she inserted the speculum she noticed fresh blood. This was a worry as my blood type is rhesus negative. They said that I had to stay in overnight so they could see where the blood was coming from and get my anti-D injection. After 24 hours of monitoring and checking etc… They couldn’t see where the bleed came from and where happy all was ok. My cervix was still closed and so they booked me in for induction on Sunday 21st May and sent me home.
I was only in the door 5 minutes when the phone rang and the coombe said that my consultant wanted to induce me that night just as a precaution because of the mystery bleed and because I was overdue anyway.
I got back to the hospital at 5pm on Monday and they gave me prostaglandin a hormone that was inserted like a small tampon to help soften the cervix before induction. I was meant to wear it for 24 hours, then they would break my waters and start induction. However at 10pm I started getting small labour pains, at 12.30am I had a show, and at 2.30am some of my waters broke. At 7am my contractions started getting very strong. I was told at 8am I was 2cm. There was no room in the labour ward so I had to stay in the assessment centre and labour there. At about 11 I demanded my husband try get me some pain relief, he came back with gas and air which really took the edge off! At about 12pm I was brought to the delivery ward and I was assessed by the doctor to see if I still needed to be induced, he confirmed that I was now 3cm and that I didn’t need induction, he just broke the rest of my waters and said he would be back in 2 hours. When he came back he said I was now 6 cm, at this stage the contractions where so bad, but I was encouraged against the epidural as it would slow things down, I decided to keep going naturally as I was dialating so quickly. By 4pm I was at 8cm and by 5pm I was ready to push, it took 50 minutes, I have never had to use so much energy in all my life, I don’t know what was harder the contractions or the pushing! 
I found that labouring in the shower during early labour was great for the pain, all the contractions where in my back. I also found being on all fours and rocking back and forward or doing the figure 8 during contractions worked.

 Bouncing on the ball at the later stages helped and bending over the bed helped also. Breathing really calmed me and the gas and air really helped me concentrate on my breathing technique. 

I am so happy I did it naturally now and because I could feel where to push no stitches where required thankfully! 
Thank you for all your help and tips over the last few months, I really enjoyed your classes! 
I still can’t believe my perfect little daughter has arrived I feel like I need to pinch myself! 

Talk soon, 

Karen X 
Thanks for sharing your wonderful birth story Karen and see you both soon xxx

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