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Birth Story: Gail and baby Chloe

Having got intouch to see how Gail from our pregnancy yoga class was, I got this beautiful reply!

Lainey you have a sixth sense!! I literally started writing the below email to you in a note on my phone earlier to send on to you once I was finished feeding Chloe!

Hi Lainey,

Lying here in hospital with my beautiful daughter beside me and wanted to email you with my birth story to share with the girls.

Baby was due on Thursday and on Friday morning at 3am I woke up with cramps and didn’t go back to sleep.
At 6am my waters broke and I was feeling contractions coming on so we headed into Holles Street. They did an internal exam when I got in and they said I wasn’t in labour yet but cervix was favourable! So they had me walk up and down the corridors for 1.5hrs where I practiced my squatting from yoga, yoga breathing exercises during the contractions and bouncing on gym ball.

They checked me again 1.5hrs later and I was 2cm dilated so we knew things were well under way!

I was getting all my contractions in my back (the baby was ‘sunny side’ up) and they were gradually getting more and more intense but the breathing was absolutely key and moving around/being mobile.

At 12:15pm they checked me again and I was 4cm! Things were moving fast considering it was first baby! They broke my waters properly (apparently they hadn’t fully gone) and from that point onwards the contractions seriously ramped up with all of it in my lower back.

I got to 2pm and then caved and got an epidural, it was just too intense in lower back. When they checked me again at 2:45pm, I was 9cm dilated!! Things moved very very fast (4cm to 9cm in less than 3hours)!

By 5pm I was fully dilated but they wanted to give me an extra hour before pushing to get baby further down and by 6:15pm, my beautiful baby girl Chloe Lilah was born weighing in at 7lb 9oz. She was a trooper and managed to turn herself around to the right way before I started pushing.

She’s just absolutely perfect and we are so in love!

I can’t believe how smoothly the whole labour process went and how fast it all happened. I had such fear in the weeks leading up to it but it turns out it was totally unnecessary and I now realise that not every labour/birth is a horror story! Sometimes we only hear the bad stories but in my case, it actually couldn’t have gone smoother.

Feel free to share this with the girls!

And can’t wait to see you again in baby massage.

Thanks so much for all the support and tips in the pregnancy yoga classes, the classes were the highlight of my week and I can’t wait to see you again in baby massage!



Thanks so much for sharing your story Gail it’s so lovely having you in the classes

Lainey Xxx

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