Pregnancy yoga Tallaght

Birth Story: Fiona and speedy arrival of Baby Odhrán

Hi Lainey. Its a bit long but here’s Odhrán birth story.

Pregnancy yoga Tallaght

Odhrán was born on Sunday and just like his big brother Oisín, arrived a day before his due date at 8lbs 8oz. However their births were very different.

I went into labour on Sunday morning with fairly strong contractions and I found being on all fours and focusing on  breathing through each surge helped me get through each one.

I just kept reminding myself that they will pass. I took a really long shower which definitely eased the sensations and when I got out, my husband, i guess not really sure how else he could help told me he would put on Mamma Mia 2 as a distraction in the background!

We got about half way through the movie when the surges got more intense and we both thought we should get going soon. I went to the loo and after that the surges suddenly came really close together and we knew we needed to go.

I was on all fours in the back seat with my bum up and my head down to try to slow things down which definitely helped. We broke red lights and drove in bus lanes and got to the Coombe about 1.40. I had to get on all fours through surges in the car park when we got there, in admissions, in the lift and as soon as I got to the assessment unit my waters broke on all fours! They transferred me straight to the delivery room where I met the Domino midwife.

At this stage I  just kept going with my body and doing what felt right. I pushed when I needed to and was directed towards the end when I needed to do smaller pushes to get baby safely out. Baby Odhrán was born  at 2.03! It happened all so quickly in the end and I was scared we wouldn’t make it to the hospital.

But we can laugh about it now and it’s definitely empowering to think what your breath and your body can do without pain relief.

I never really believed I’d be able to cope with labour and birth the way I wanted to so hopefully this might encourage others. X


Huge congratulations to Fiona on the birth of her second son, it was wonderful to support her on both her pregnancies 💖



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