Birth story: Donna and baby Sonny

Hi girls just said I’d share my birth story. On Wednesday I went to the Coombe for my check up 40 weeks and 3 days overdue. Dey said my cervix was extremely favourable and head cudn b more down dat dey wud book me in for an induction the following Wednesday but she put a 5 euro bet on I wudn last until Wednesday and wud go myself especially as she gave me a sweep.

Dat evening my cramps dat I had been gettin for weeks felt a bit stronger. We went to Dunnes to get de food shop in as I didn’t want to b sitting around de house πŸ˜‚. All night I had strong cramps. My partner woke at 6.45am and I told him I had been gettin contractions all night dat dey were 1 min long and 5 mins apart now. I got a shower around 8am ironed my clothes an my daughters and woke her to drop her to my friend. I was trying to stay busy πŸ˜….

My contractions were now 45 secs long and 3 mins apart. I rang de Coombe dey said to ring bk in 1 hour and dey wud no by talking to me if it was time to come in but I knew it was. We dropped my daughter off at 9.15am I was having strong contractions in de car. My partner walked me into de hospital and had to leave. I felt lost. De girls at de desk asked me Covid questions I told dem I was in labour and dey said not to worry Aaron wud b in in 15 mins as ur second baby always comes fast. Dey told me to go to admissions. I went to de desk and was having contractions de girl brought me in de lift to de assessment unit. She gave me a urine cup and told me to come bk den wit dat. Der were no toilets working dey were all out of order and everyone I asked said dey were waitin on de plumber to come πŸ™„. A girl told me in de shower room der was one shower wit a toilet but der was someone in it. I waited outside it screamin wit contractions πŸ˜…. De girl came out and let me in. A cleaning lady got a midwife for me and she came in and said Donna is dat u in der. I told her I cudn pass any urine and dat I had a big show. She brought me into de assessment unit and checked me in between contractions. She said I was at 4cm and she was going to see if she cud get me a room in de delivery suite. She came bk and said dey had one ready. I rang my partner to come up. I had my top on and a blanket wrapped around me walking to de delivery room. My partner came in 5 mins later.

I told dem I didn want de epidural r gas unless I really needed it. De midwife checked me and I was at 8cm dat my waters must have gone wit a contraction. I didnt feel it and I honestly think I had been leaking my waters for days although dey told me I hadnt been. She said if I felt de need to push I cud and I cud hold my leg. She said de babys heart was dropping dat he wasnt happy wit de position and I said neither am I and my partner said she wants to b on all fours so dey helped me turn and I pushed and the baby came out den straight away πŸ™.

I was in de room 15 minutes my partner 10 minutes and baby Sonny arrived safetly. He cried wen he came out den fell straight asleep πŸ˜‚. I had checked into admissions at 9.50am and had him at 10.25am. I didnt think I was dat far gone when I arrived at de hospital we just about made it πŸ˜‚.

I just kept visualising dat every contraction had a purpose and telling myself my body cud handle anything for 1 minute. I knew when de contractions had hit peak and were coming bk down which I never understood before Pregnancy Yoga.

What a completely different experience it was in comparison to my 8 year old daughters traumatic birth. Aaron got to cut de cord dis time and we had lots of time together he didn’t leave until 1pm and came bk at 2pm until 4.30pm for visiting time. I even got to shower in de delivery room.

I had no tears just a graze and had no epidural, gas r air. I can honestly say pregnancy yoga helped me tru it all.

Knowing how to breathe through contractions, visualisation and being on all fours helped so much. It also paid off being active at home instead of lying on my back for hours lik I did on Madison.

I had an amazing experience in de Coombe apart from de toilets being out of order πŸ˜‚. Every staff member was amazing and cudnt do enough for us and having de visiting time was great so I got to rest too. It was actually nice and peaceful in de hospital with everything going on it was great.

Thank u so much @⁨Lainey yoga⁩ I cudn have done it without ur knowledge and wisdom
and best of luck to all de Mammies due soon just remember to listen to ur body u got dis. Namaste


Huge congratulations Donna from our online pregnancy yoga Classes , birthing goddess!!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—

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