Birth Story: Debbie and Baby Andrew

Huge congratulations to Debbie from our Pregnancy Yoga classes on the arrival of her third baby boy! I’m so delighted to hear of such a positive birth during Covid 19.

“ Well we had a busy weekend! Baby Andrew arrived 5 days early on Saturday morning! 💙 and lets just say he couldn’t wait to meet us!!

I had light cramps all day Friday and some did stop me in my tracks. But by 9pm I knew it was time to make a move to the hospital as contractions were 5 mins apart. Arrived to be told I was 2cm, but they would keep me in the annex ward beside delivery. I was also advised that I could very quickly go from 2 to 10cm as it’s baby no.3!

With my poor hubby waiting outside in the car for over 2 hours, I used the gas and air and really focused on getting through each surge with my breathing.

By 12.20am I began to feel unusual pressure and called over a midwife. She told me to phone my husband and I sensed a little panic!! Straight to delivery ward and was assessed again, 5cm!

At this point a very friendly Anesthetist arrived to which I thought I’d be happy to see but I couldn’t even look at him! My body was taking over. Another quick assessment and I was 8cm so we said goodbye to the anesthetist!

I was feeling an unbelievable urge to push. I had never felt this before having had previous epidurals. It was like auto pilot and my body just knew what to do.

The midwives were all so calm and reassuring. Within the next few minutes I felt an overwhelming relief as our third gorgeous baby boy was born!

He’s perfect in every way and the image of his big brothers. I’m now in your Mama of 3 boys club and I am loving it! 💙💙💙

One tip I suppose that’s maybe easier to say in hindsight is that your body is amazing. I NEVER thought I would cope without pain relief. But your body knows exactly what to do. It has carried and protected your baby for so long and it will know what to do when the time is right. Believe in yourself and your body, you can do it!

Thank you for all of the support. I’m hoping to do the baby classes online.
It was so great that I could still do a class through lockdown and I looked forward to it every week.

I’ll miss my yoga tonight, dunno what I’ll do, actually maybe a glass of wine would be nice!! Best of luck to all the ladies over the next few weeks xx


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