Birth Story: Amy and baby Lucy

Hi Lainey,

My precious little girl Lucy arrived into the world in a real hurry at 37 weeks and 2 days!!

I went to the Bord Gais Energy theatre with my brothers and our partners to see ‘Les Miserables’ as our Christmas present to each other! The second half of the show, me and Joe spent watching my tummy as opposed to the stage, as my little lady appeared to really enjoy the music& we could see limbs sticking out through my tummy and huge big movements 💗!

I went to the pub with everyone after the show& at approx 1:30, Me and Joe decided to stop to get some chips on the way home. It was there where I felt my waters break (thankfully it wasn’t like how it is in the movies, so I managed to keep my dignity somewhat 🤣🤣). I drove home (ate my chips of course)& rang the hospital& they advised me to come in and get checked out.

We arrived at the hospital at approx 3am. I only had very mild cramps at this stage. My midwife checked me at 3:30, stating that my cervix had not started dilating at this stage& sent me out to the corridor to do my yoga/ hopscotch/ walking for an hour& she would check me again to make a decision whether or not I would go home or go to the ward.

When I started my yoga/ walking, contractions kicked off fast and heavy, which I was terrified about as I thought there was a long night ahead… at approx 5am I went back to the birthing suite & to both mine and the midwifes surprise was told I was 5 cm dilated& that my baby would be arriving very soon.

I delivered Lucy on my knees with my back to the midwife using the head rest of the bed as support, taking gas and air at 6:11am.

Baby Lucy was 6lb 4 oz & is absolutely perfect!

My midwife was fantastic & really involved my partner& got him to tell me the sex of the baby& allowed him cut the baby’s umbilical cord.

Thanks so so much for all the support. The yoga classes were fantastic & I really felt the benefit of it throughout the labour, feeling in control of my body & aware of what my body could do to support me and my baby during labour and delivery.

Advice for the girls: listen to your body & trust yourself, every experience is different, So listen to what your body is telling you!

I’m breastfeeding… found it hard initially but we are getting there with it now ☺️!

I absolutely loved the classes… I’m actually sad it’s now over and I will definitely Be signing up for the baby massage.

Your classes were one of the best decisions I made during pregnancy… they really supported me in developing my knowledge of pregnancy. I would always have thought ‘pain relief’ when it came to labour prior to your classes, but that completely changed & I managed to have my little girl with a complete active labour by only getting on the bed for the pushing process and having a little gas and air!

Best of luck to everyone who is due their lovely baby’s over the next few weeks/ months, and thanks for all the laughs & support at the classes over the last few months.

Lots of Love,

Amy & Lucy xXx

And I got CUDDLES!!!!!! 😍

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