Birth Story: Alison and baby Faye

Hi Elaine

Alison here from wed 8pm class. Just letting you know I missed last weeks class as I was busy cuddling my brand new baby girl Faye 😍

My waters broke last Tuesday morn, went to the Coombe but was sent home as I wasn’t in labour. Told to come back at midnight. So I did and was admitted and started on antiobiotics. I was a little heartbroken as I wanted to try the birthing pool but couldn’t now because of antibiotics and waters had broke over 18hrs previously.

Was induced 9am Wednesday morn and my beautiful baby girl was born at 7.07pm weighting 7lbs 12oz that eve. I managed 3.5 hours on gas and air before I screamed nicely for epidural. New found respect for women who can do it without pain relief cause I couldn’t! 🙌🏼🙈

I was also very lucky that I didnt need any stitches and I’m so grateful for your perineum oil for that!! That stuff is magic so thank you 😍

Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes I honestly loved them and I can’t wait to try do yoga with Faye

Also looking forward to baby massage classes ❤️

Thanks again for everything Elaine and see you with Faye soon xxx

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