Anja and baby Luke’s Birth Story

Hi Elaine,

Little Luke Kieran was born on Saturday 11th at 7.31 pm with 3340 Gramm (7.5lbs)- 40 weeks+1!

We are both very well and getting to know each other-I’m absolutely in Love (and so is my boyfriend)!😍😍
Here my (long) birth story (apologies if my english is not perfect, sometimes things are hard to explain for me 😬😁) :

First of all it’s been an amazing birth,which didn’t go exactly the way I had visualised it but looking back now it couldn’t have went any better!!! 😍

Woke up Saturday morning around 10 am and got up. Just on my way to the bathroom I felt a big gush running down my legs. I straight away knew it must have been my waters which broke. But checking it,it also unfortunately showed that the colour of it was brown and I assumed it could be meconium, so I called the Coombe. They suggested to come in asap to get assessed. At this stage I didn’t have any surges!

So we got ready and went to the Coombe.

Arrived around 11am and got assessed.

By the time we arrived I probably had already another 4 gushes of water coming out of me but when the midwife assessed me she couldn’t confirm that it was my waters which broke neither that it was meconium which I had allegedly seen (there was just nothing coming out of me anymore). Although I offered her a few times to look at my maternity pad (which I brought) she didn’t want to.

So she called a consultant to get me further assessed.

And again: Also the consultant couldn’t confirm the meconium neither that it was my waters which had broken. In fact he actually told me that it could have been just incontinence which develops further towards the end of pregnancy!

That really put me down and made me upset and also at this stage I started feeling strong cramps and I just knew that the consultant or midwife must be wrong. So I insisted to show the consultant the maternity pad!

It seems that he wasn’t to bothered about it as he had made up his mind already but did it anyway just to calm me down.
From that time on the whole story turned into a positive one for me: After assessing the pad the consultant came back and actually apologised to me and confirmed it was the waters and meconium. I got admitted straight away and we were brought to a delivery room!
Unfortunately at this stage I wasn’t dilated at all but I felt the surges/cramps more and more and regularly coming. I was delighted to get into a delivery room straight away!
As of the special circumstance with the meconium in my waters we agreed to get VE’s every 2hrs to see how I am progressing. If i wouldn’t dilate/progress good enough I also knew about the chances of being put on the drip to get labour quicker established and avoid distressing the baby. Also,they put me on a constant trace to monitor the baby’s heart rate-so I was kind of “cabled up” all the time. Although all of this were things I wanted to avoid for my actual birth experience, the midwife and consultant were really considerable of my birth preferences and explained to me why these things would be now necessary! I knew it would be all for the babies health sake- so I was happy to agree.
So I got my TENS machine on, our playlist and LED candles set up and I started to bounce away on a ball all time,which felt amazing as I had a lot of pain on my back/coxix area. At some later stage I also tried to be on all fours on the bed which was also quite pleasant.
My first VE after the admission was at 3.30pm and I was only at 2cm.

The breathing techniques and telling myself affirmations (I can do this, My Baby know how to be born and I can do everything for a minute) really helped me getting through the surges in the beginning.

Until that time I managed to get through all the surges only with breathing and positive thinking but was then offered the gas & air which I thankfully took and actually loved it (feels a little bit like walking home happily drunk after a great night out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜). The strength of the surges from that stage on really picked up each time and I was very happy to have some further relief!

About 2 hours later at 5.30pm and another VE I was only 1cm further dilated (3cm) which really frustrated me as at this stage. I actually felt devastated after all my hard work I felt I had done! Also my surges got very very strong and they felt like they were coming very minute ( I never really took track of how far the contractions were apart as I was just so focused in getting trough them). The midwife though was actually delighted and told me I’m doing great so I got great encouragement out of this…nevertheless she offered me to get me ready for an epidural if I wished so as she couldn’t promise me anything in how I am going to progress (could be couple of hours -could be a further 7 to 10 hrs).

Thinking of going through labour for another possible 7-10hrs without any further pain relieve made me agree to get ready for the epidural. πŸ˜…

What happened within the next 2 hrs is only a blur memory to me …I only remember keep telling myself “I can do this, I can do this” and that I kept asking when I’d be ready for the epidural.It was very intense to deal with the surges!
Next thing I saw the consultant next to me telling me: “Anja,no need and time for an epidural anymore -you are going to have your baby within the next few minutes! You are fully dilated.well done!”

So I went from 3 cm to full dilation in about 2 hours!!! So tell all the girls to stay positive no matter what -anything can happen!

4-5 pushes later our little Luke was lying in my arms, born at 7.31pm with 7.5lbs !! An unbelievable feeling!

Due to the meconium we couldn’t have the delayed cord clamping and a paediatrician was there as well to check his lungs and breathing. Thank god all was ok with him, so we could do the skin to skin.
Although it wasn’t the exact birth I had wished for, looking back now it’s been a great birth and I would not want to miss a minute out of it (at least the ones I still remember -lol).

PS: I had no episiotomy nor a tear!

The yoga really helped me to stay focused and be positive while my surges and I’m so grateful for what I learned during the classes: breathing, affirmations & birth positions!

Also, I would have never spoke up to the consultant in regards to my waters if we didn’t talk about this in general in the yoga classes (that you don’t have to agree everything they are telling you).

Thank you so much for everything. Your yoga classes did a big thing to me and it most certainly contributed a lot to my positive birth experience!

See you soon in baby massage and thanks again for all your support!

Anja and Luke

PS: Luke sends Happy valentines greetings

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