Active Birth Story: Deborah and Baby Isla

Hi lainey,
Just want to say a massive thank you for every week constantly reminding me how amazing my body was for growing and nurturing my baby and prepping my body for the beautiful birth of my baby ..

Please see my birth story below ..
Thanks for everything again you honestly are a gem 🥰
On Friday night Theo decided to have a sleepover with my dad I felt tired in the afternoon so I went home and napped for a couple of hours. we were meeting our friends for dinner that evening in the martello in Bray for a bit to eat. That night Ken decided to have a couple of pints of guiness with our friends ( little did we know what was ahead 🤣) and I felt fine no pains so I was happy to drive home.

We got home and went asleep about 1am. I woke at about 3.17am just sat up in the bed and waters broke everywhere. I woke Ken to tell him he couldn’t believe it was all starting especially the night he decided to have his couple of pints 🤣!! But anyway I got up had a shower got dressed and put some make up on I felt grand was having no pains at all. I rang the coombe while bouncing on my yoga ball at about 4.17am and because I had strep b in my pregnancy I had to head straight in to be started on a anti boitic drip.
I honestly could not fault the coombe from start to finish they were amazing.

Ken dropped me at the front desk and I went to the assesment room on my own we were there for maybe half a hour and was brought over to delivery suite once we got onto the delivery suite my midwife had read my birth preference and had ran through it quickly with me she had a lovely salt lamp plugged in and said you can ring your partner to come up now.. Ken was delighted as he was only in the car for a half hour. She said if you want to get set up now and we will dim the lights and that shortly so I took my candles out Ken spread them around sprayed my amazing yoga mammas lavender spray we used throughout the whole pregnancy and played the music on gentle birth app . I then began to just relax my body and take everything in. I bounced on my yoga ball for a good bit stood and swayed my body from side to side.
They put wireless monitor on me to check baby.. she then examined me to see how far I was gone as I starting to get pain but was managing through my breathing not a bother. it began at about 05.25am I was only 1cm. they noticed baby was a little sleepy as labour progressed and they were ok with it but continued to monitor me. Then it all happened so quickly I shot from 1cm to 6cm I was still managing breathing great while swaying my hips from side to side and Ken was rubbing my back. They examined me again which I wasn’t to Keen on as I mentioned in my birth plan but baby was sleepy and they needed to know why . They then noticed baby was facing wrong way around lateral position I think they mentioned and they wanted me to try help turn baby so through contractions I squatted against the wall my legs were trembling but I Carried through my relaxed and steady breathing I could actually feel the baby turn after a few squats which was quite sore but just progressed so quickly. The doctor wanted to put a prob on the babies head to monitor baby better but I was just getting contractions one after another I felt like my body was not getting a break. I held onto to Ken’s voice just saying how amazing I was and to keep breathing the doctor tried to stick the prob to babies head but realised I was 10cm and was ready to push.. I went through the whole labour without an help just the beautiful breathing my body had practised every week with you. Then it all got a little scary and they wanted me on the bed because baby was very distressed a couple of doctors and team came in they said they needed the baby out as soon as possible so they were going to help me a little with a instrument delivery which I wasn’t happy about as the hole labour had been calm and relaxed. (How things can change so quickly)

There was a good few doctors including my midwife at the end of my bed which was scary to look down at and still try stay focused, but I had a major urge to push and thats exactly what i did, I tried staying as focused as I could to get my baby out without any instruments to help. So I gave it my all and I pushed and she was born a couple of minutes later without any help needed at 08.34am 😊 we then knew what was causing all the distress as the cord was wrapped around her neck 🙈 they placed her on my tummy and that was scary aswell as she was blue but when she started crying a minute later it was a relief and we instantly fell in love with our beautiful baby girl. Daddy got to cut the cord and mammy got to do skin to skin straight away for 1 hour before any checks were carried out. We were both emotional wrecks 😭😭
Lainey what can I say without your classes and all of your teachings to get my body ready for labour i most definitely would of never been able to birth my baby the way I did naturally without any help . Our bodies really are amazing 🥰

Honestly if it wasn’t for pregnancy yoga I would have never managed you are a wonderful person so thank you for everything ❤❤

Will miss the pregnancy yoga so much but look forward to starting the baby massage with you.
Again lainey thanks and namaste ❤


Huge congratulations to Deborah ❤️❤️❤️

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