Active Birth Story – Margaret and baby Esme

Waters broke at 4:30 am. So much water! Went to coombe to be assessed at about 10:00. Had few mild pains on way up. Was feeling v positive. Ended up going home from hospital around 12:30 as contractions had stopped. Surprised that I wasn’t feeling v deflated! Only had a few at that stage anyway. Curse of the hospital.

Stopped for lunch on way home and got few more surges. Got home and closed curtains in room, aroma diffuser on and gentlebirth app playing. Went to sleep for hour and half or so. Woke up and had a bounce on ball for while. Was trying to stay active so was on my feet swaying etc. Few slight lunges. Nothing too energetic.

Surges started to become more frequent then. Started to go up and down stairs and that seemed to get things going. Breathing through surges trying to “stay soft”. Think we left the house around half six. Focused on gentlebirth affirmations on the phone on way up. Helped me get through the surges so well. Got to assessment unit and was seen after bout ten mins.

Surges coming thick and fast then. Exam showed I was 3cm (which I couldn’t believe as there was barely a break between contractions now!) started on intravenous antibiotics then. After about fifteen mins in assessment I walked to labour ward.

Shane went and got bags and I got changed and stuff but really really uncomfortable and could hardly move. He was only back in the room when I had to go to toilet.

When I was in there I got a surge that I knew meant I was close to pushing. Came out and went on my knees over the ball on floor. I knew pushing phase was imminent. Midwife (who was fab) told me to get into that position on bed so I did, with difficulty!

Started pushing with next few contractions. Esme was born after about 15 mins of pushing. I was on my knees leaning on headrest of bed for delivery. Head came out (massive relief) and she started to cry! So weird! Next contraction delivered her body. Took her up in my arms between my legs myself immediately. Absolute magic. She was covered in vernix! Had small tear so few stitches. Nothing too bad. 8lb 15. V same as Faye. She was feeding after about half hour id say.

She is so so beautiful. Asleep on my chest/beside me all night. I couldn’t really sleep though as there is a lot of activity on ward. I don’t mind. Happy to be staring at her.

Thought you’d like to hear all the deets! So happy to be on the other side. Best feeling in the world. Can’t wait for her to meet her big sister!!

Thanks for everything you did and your support, can’t wait for you to meet her ♥️♥️♥️

Huge congratulations to Margaret who attended Pregnancy Yoga with both her babies 💕💕

Lainey xx

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