Active Birth story: First time mum Ber and baby Kate

Hi Lainey,

I had a beautiful baby girl Kate @ 39+5. Weight 3.84 kg and legs as long as her mummy, 53.5 cm in length! We’ve been in a complete love bubble since.

I had the most amazing birth experience, I’m not sure I can describe it in a message.

I was with the domino midwives in holles street and I was blessed my their guidance, they were like angels sent to me.

I was fortunate that the birth pool was free when I arrived and I laboured from 1cm to 10cm in the pool in 3 hours and then had Kate 2 hours later ,using peanut ball , all fours and on my left.

I was able to catch her when she came out and was super cuffed at how amazing the whole experience was.

I felt so well prepared and I never knew the power of affirmations until then, I felt so powerful and strong throughout , it was incredible. I managed to control my breathing and stay focused and used intermittent air and gas only.

I felt like I was running a marathon and the closer we were getting to Kate being born felt like being close to the finish line and the more my energy levels picked up, I felt I could of done it all over again!!! The power of adrenaline and hormones!!

We are still buzzing from it and it gave me great energy post partum which has helped me through the many sleepless nights that followed!!
Kate was born at 23.50 and we were home three next morning.

I used the your Prepare for Birth perineum massage oil from 35 weeks every day or on alternative days and the midwife knew I had done my homework and it paid off, I had no tear which was amazing for a first time mum.
I’m loving the New Mammy oil now and am thrilled that I have no stretch marks after using the Pre Mamma pregnancy oil throughout my pregnancy.

Thank you for all your guidance during my pregnancy, it really stood to me and I couldn’t of imagined a more amazing delivery if I tried.

Ber πŸ™β˜ΊοΈπŸ’ž


So wonderful to have you in our online Pregnancy Yoga classes Ber and thank you for sharing such a beautiful inspiring birth

Huge well done and congratulations enjoy all the snuggles with Kate

Lainey xx

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