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Hi Lainey. Just wanted to share something with you.

I am just going to bed now after interrupting my late night TV time to spend some time at about 1am doing a visualization with Rose, my six and a half year old and first yoga baba because she couldn’t sleep with the pain of her big molars coming in. (I did of course try calpol first).

Even with her young age, she could follow breathing instructions and their imaginations are so lively at that age that the actual visualization probably comes naturally and it worked! She said “Mamma I’m actually getting sleepy” which was my cue to leave her room and I could enjoy the end of the Telly before heading to bed.

All my 3 are good sleepers and they get quite upset when something disturbs them and I’m sure there are first time mammas of brand new babies with you wondering when they will get through the teething and disturbed sleep (Alex has 12/20 baby teeth now so he’s also in the wars) and I suppose the message is that the struggle may always be there in one way or another but there are things you can learn and use, maybe in a different way for the age of child, that will work.

I suppose at the end of the day it probably mostly comes down to mama’s time, mama’s hug and mama’s voice and that’s probably the case for all of us no matter what age but I think a yoga mama has a few extra tricks in the bag!😊

I first started yoga with my mama in my leaving cert year and it was life changing for both of us. Happy for you to share any of this with group or classes if you think it’s of use.

I miss your classes but I’m finished my family so unless you start up yoga flow again when the boys are bigger and we’re all in our fifties or something, I won’t see you on a mat any time soon but I love being a part of the group still for all the joy!💕

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