Hiya Elaine, Rochelle here from Carlow Pregnancy Yoga. Our little girl Grace, 7lb 3oz arrived early last Thursday at 39 + 2, after a 2 hour 50 min established labour, with no pain relief all just breathing and positive mindset.

I believed in my body and i knew my body could do it. No stitches or anything I’m over the moon.

Never would have believed i could have a birth like that after my first child taking 2 days and ending in kiwi delivery with episitomy it was traumatic and took me a long time to get over it.

It was only for your Yoga classes and the positivity you taught us along with some Gentlebirth that I did it and I had confidence in myself to do it so thank you for everything.

It was such an amazing experience i had skin to skin learned to breast feed straight away, Grace latched so well. Got up and had a shower while Dad for skin to skin and then dressed her 💖

My advice would be listen to your body and breath through it all..each contraction only lasts so long and then eases. Walk walk walk, stand, sway hips and bend over bed when it gets tough whilst breathing i think staying upright helped me so much but believing I could do it got me through!

I never thought giving birth could be an enjoyable experience but it really was 💖

Thank you for all your advice and help Elaine your a star.

See you soon xx

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